Morning In Bed-(fordshire)

Yesterdays ride wasn’t the quick easy ride I expected really when I set off on an off the cuff ride, on which I would try to get as close to 50km (30 miles) as I could, making it up as I went along.  So I headed off into Bedfordshire..

I had hardly started when I came off my bike.  I was putting on some pressure on an uphill bend and my shoe came unclipped from the cleat and I can’t tell in what order everything happened next except to say that I found myself on the ground, the other foot still firmly clipped to the pedal.  I got myself untangled and up and checked the bike over, all seemed well.  There were no tears in my tights or top.  So I looked OK but my knee and elbow were feeling a bit sore.

Pressing on round my ride I was just over half way through the desired distance when I came upon a ‘ROAD CLOSED – FLOODS’ sign between Milton Ernest and Radwell.  As usual I assumed this didn’t apply to me so I carried on.  I knew the road and that there was a raised causeway beside the road ahead.  Sure enough the road was flooded but the causeway was fine.

This was the view I had…


The causeway you see ahead of me doesn’t really look it in these pictures but its about one metre above the road level.  After taking the photos I started riding along it and then the next catastrophe almost happened.  I was keeping a good line along centre of the path when, unnoticed by me the long join in the centre that I was more or less following suddenly got wider at the same time as I was looking away from it.  My front wheel was momentarily stuck in the join between the two blocks, I was still moving forward but the sudden sticking of the front wheel in a straight line caused me to wobble as I over compensated on the steering to free it.  I found myself veering dangerously close the drop down into the water at the deepest point.  I managed to recover from it safely before going over the edge but I bet there is big jump in my heart rate at that point !

Pressing in with my ride I carried on through Radwell and then Felmersham up the hill and down into Pavenham.  The next village was Oakley and I was half expecting a bit of flooding there too but although the river was high the road was OK.

On the way to Stevington I have often seem this windmill in the distance on my left…


But I have never investigated it further but in line with new policy of taking in the scenery and photo opportunities I took a turn up a small lane and found my way to it.



You can click on the image for the larger picture and you might just be able to read the info there

Its not a working mill anymore, just preserved as of historical interest.

I carried on with my ride and the skies were looking ominous, rain wasn’t far away.  I was pressing on to try and beat it home but just outside Turvey I hit a pot hole in the road and suffered a ‘pinch puncture’ to my front tyre.  I fixed it as fast as I could then took a short cut home from Turvey but I didn’t quite make it home in the dry, for about the last mile I got a good soaking.  But for the puncture I could have completed the circuit and still made it home in the dry.   I did however make the desired 50km’s despite the shortcut.

When I got home I checked my injuries from the earlier fall and found I had a major road rash on my knee and on my elbow, I thought I was feeling sore, now I knew why.  I don’t really know how my clothing survived unscathed.

Garmin ride details HERE

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