Fill That Hole..

This morning I did my first ride since my ill fated ride last Monday.. the one where I was blighted by misfortune.  Part of my route this morning took me past the scene of the pothole that caused my puncture.  

In a fit of pique, after replacing the tube, I walked back and took a picture of the offending pothole and reported it via the CTC ‘Fill That Hole’ app I happened to have on my iPhone.  I didn’t expect any response or reaction but I felt I was getting my own back a little bit.

However I was wrong and I was surprised and delighted to see there was a set of temporary traffic lights at the scene and repairs were obviously underway before the weekend interrupted the repair works.  Of course it may well have already been scheduled for repair anyway but I prefer to think it was all down to me and the app.

I therefore recommend that everybody with an iPhone gets this app and I believe it will also be available in other formats soon.  It obviously works so here is your opportunity do something about those holes we keep moaning about.

Here are the links:-

CTC webpage explaining how it works. 

iTunes App Store page for app.

My knee and elbow are still recovering from the fall earlier in that ride but today was too nice a day not to ride.  I rode around my regular 50km Ouse Valley ride, the average temperature was 15c !!  It was also the first outing of the year for my Colnago bike.

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4 thoughts on “Fill That Hole..

  1. So glad to hear the app worked, and did so with almost immediate effect. I worked for months to get some road repairs done in KImbolton…… happened…..eventually.

    • I don’t know how much of it was just fortunate timing on my behalf but I did get some satisfaction from it.
      I believe that the councils are obliged to inspect reported holes with 48 hours of being reported and take remedial action within a week or so.

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