Marseillan Plage, Languedoc-Roussillion


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Today is our last day here, tomorrow we move on sadly. We have been here for a week now and like last year we extended our stay from the couple of nights we predicted when we arrived.

It’s a great site for our tastes, beach, shops and cycle path all within minutes. Here is a picture which shows the beach and entrance to it.

The picture is actually the site board from the entrance to the site. I used it because it’s a good aerial shot.

I will be blogging on here from now on for our return leg. I used facebook intermittently on the way down and while we were here there hasn’t been too much to report except beach, swimming,bike ride, shopping and generally laying about.

That’s it for now, see you soon…


Evening Walk By The River…


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I took my ‘old’ Canon DSLR camera for a walk along by the river this evening before dinner.  I have been using the Lumix bridge camera lately but I am not too happy with the detail in landscapes so I thought I would check out the Canon again and see if it was any better now that I have learned a bit more about photography and processing… I think it is..

No words with these just the chronological journey, along by the river and back via the church and the allotments


The Best Laid Plans….


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Often Go Wrong !!

After a chat during our last motorhome trip we decided we didnt have the proper motorhome mentality.  We were still in ‘caravan mode’.  That is, finding a site and staying there a few days or week or more instead of moving around and finding new places.

I came up with the idea of doing a trip around the coast of the mainland UK in a series of stages.  Doing a bit, then coming home and picking up from the last place next time.

After much thought the logical place to start, given our location seemed to be Kent.  Jan wasnt too keen on the sound of Kent despite my assurance that it was a nice county.

We haven’t really tried staying staying anywhere other than proper sites in the UK so far, when there are places that many motorhomers use that are cheap or free. Places like pubs who let motorhomers stay in their car park for the price of having a meal there, or 24 hour council car parks that have motorhome parking places.

We have the facility now for self suffiency, two big gas canisters, a solar panel with a heavy duty leisure battery and a hundred litre water tank plus toilet and shower onboard.

With this in mind, as Jan had a busy week ahead and didn’t really fancy Kent anyway I set off on a solo exploratory trip last Wednesday for about a week to investigate.

It wasn’t the success I thought it could have been though.  I arrived at my first stopover, a ‘proper’ site near Sevenoaks.  I plugged into the mains connection and turned the refrigerator over from the main vehicle battery where it has to be for travelling to the mains electric option that that now I was connected to the mains.  The refrigerator wasn’t very cold when I arrived but I put that down to high temperatures outside.  However after a couple of hours it still didn’t seem to be getting cold but again I put that down to the high temperature.  As a test I swapped it over to the gas option.  We always use the electricity when we can though because its included in our site fees.  Using the gas runs down our gas bottle.  Gas is supposed to be the faster way to get a cold refrigerator but even this didn’t work.


Oldbury Hill, Sevenoaks

Another reason I thought it might not be working was that I was parked on a sloping site and that can stop the refrigerator working properly for some reason.  I was using ramps under the front wheels but still wasn’t level.  You can see from the photograph there is quite a slope.

So my next move was to go to another location for the next night that was level. I had somewhere in mind on the Isle of Sheppey, on the seafront.  Just a parking place, no facilities, at Leysdown on Sea.


Leysdown On Sea


Leysdown On Sea, Isle of Sheppey

I found it OK, a nice quiet spot right on the beach and just a couple of other motorhomes in residence.  I parked up turned the refrigerator onto gas again but after a couple of hours it still hadn’t got any cooler in there so I decided I needed to get back home and see about getting it repaired.

I didn’t come straight home, I went to another ‘proper’ site at Folkestone for the night where it would be level so that I could try it the level and plugged into electricity option.  But that was no good either so early next morning, Friday, I set off back home.  I needed to get things sorted out because it has to done before we can go away again.  I had the pleasure of the M25 and the Dartford Tunnel right at the morning rush hour ( I can’t for the life of me think why its called the RUSH hour, when the opposite is true ??) but I figured I might as well be on my way rather than starting later to miss the traffic.  Anyway it wasn’t too bad.

Hopefully the refrigerator engineer will be calling me tomorrow but I wont be holding my breath…


Sixes and Sevens.


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What a busy sporting weekend that was.

Lets work through it.  Firstly this was the weekend of the annual Olney 7’s rugby tournament which started at 10:30am on Saturday. I wandered down in the afternoon to take a few photographs and to watch my grandson Harry playing for one of the Olney teams. What a great day they had for it weatherwise.  A great success, well organised, well supported and a terrific atmosphere.  I don’t know if its a measure of the success or not but they had stocked up with forty five barrels of beer and there was not a drop left at the end of it, which I believe was the early hours of Sunday morning, the various tournaments having finished around 7pm.  By the time of my Sunday morning walk there was hardly an evidence of anything having happened there at all.  The tournament grows in popularity every year and has teams from all over country competing.  A very well organised event by a very hard working and efficient club.

On Sunday I watched the England football team beat Panama 6-1, having already beaten Tunisia 2-1 earlier in the week.  I don’t think that means we are going to win the World Cup though as there are much tougher games to come against better teams.  The first reality check will be on Thursday when England play Belgium.  Both teams have already qualified for the knockout stages but this game will decide who will finish top of the group.

Whilst down at the 7’s on Saturday I was able to keep tabs on another England success.  They had the England v South Africa rugby game showing live from South Africa on the big outside screen which England won 25-10.  Mind you they had lost the previous two encounters in the series but they at least avoided a whitewash.

Also on Sunday England beat Australia in the fifth one day international cricket match to complete a 5-0 whitewash in the tournament.

There was another English sporting success too, if you count motor racing a sport that is.  I am not sure that I do but Lewis Hamilton won the French Grand Prix as well.

Of lesser sporting prowess and note, I went out for a bike ride today, the first for two or three weeks.  I had a nice easy ride around my Ouse Valley route via Felmersham. I noticed there was a sign on the bridge announcing the 200th anniversary celebrations of the bridge on the 30th June.  It has been in continuous use since then apparently.  It does look to be of fairly sturdy construction though.

I did about 25 miles at a nice steady pace in an average temperature of 28C according to my Garmin bike computer.



Last Day At West Runton..


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This break has come to an end and now its time to start planning the next trip.  First of all though the motorhome has to have its annual habitation check.  This involves checking around the living area for damp and the general functioning of the equipment.  At the same time, this year we have to have a full mechanical service on the engine and brakes etc. This one is a two yearly check.  I can’t believe we have the motorhome two years already but they say time flies when you are having fun.

Before we left I managed to get a few more photos though.

Just at the back of the site we were staying at is a hill called Incleboro Hill.  I took some photos from the top the other evening.


View of Cromer from the top of Incleboro Hill


West Runton from the top of Incleboro Hill


Sheringham from the top of Incleboro Hill

We had a couple of avian visitors while we were sitting outside one afternoon for our afternoon tea..


Mrs Blackbird with food for the family


Mr/Mrs Jay ?

So thats West Runton for now.  We do like the area so I am sure we will be back again in the future.  We have been there before and its only just over a hundred miles from home.  This seems quite local compared to some of our jaunts.  It is also one the nearest coasts to us situated as are, right in the middle of the country.

Blakeney To Cley Walk..


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Today we caught the bus to Blakeney Quay to start our walk around part of the North Norfolk Coast Path to Cley.

It was a much better day than yesterday weatherwise.  Quite warm, sunshine and very little wind, more of a breeze.

Once we got away from ‘crowds’ at Blakeney and its flint walled houses and buildings we began to see more birds. Apart from the Gulls and Pigeons that you see everywhere we caught sight of Oyster Catchers, Skylarks ( I think ?),  and Avocets.  I even managed to catch some of them with my camera.

After a steady stroll and lots of photo’s we reached Cley Village and had our picnic lunch before catching the bus back to Sheringham for a visit to Tescos.   A brief shop and we were able to catch the next bus after the one we got off, back to West Runton.



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We arrived at West Runton ‘Caravan and Motorhome Club’ site yesterday and found a nice pitch but we really wanted to go to one we had last time we were here.  However that area was closed because someone had damaged the grass when it was wet.

This morning we enquired about moving to another pitch with a better view.  There would be one available after midday as someone was leaving. It was a great view right down to the sea from the top of the hill. We walked up to check it out but it was really windy up there, Hurricane Hector was blowing quite a bit so we decided to stay where we are for now.  Nice and sheltered down in the bottom here.

This afternoon we walked across country to Cromer for the exercise and had a wander round.  We managed to buy nothing, just took a few photos then got the bus back for a sit in the sun.  Hector was moving on now.

Summer Leys Nature Reserve..

I was at a bit of a loose end today so I went on an adventure.  I visited Summer Leys Nature Reserve.  Its only a few miles away from me but I have only visited it once before, very briefly.  It was formerly gravel pits that have now been put to good use.  There are a few hides dotted around and a feeding station (for the birds !).

I took a lot of pictures but not many of them were any good because I really needed a tripod for the distance shots so lots of them got deleted…  This the best of  a bad lot but I will be going again I am sure, and properly equipped next time.

Riverside Walk


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Jan was playing bowls this afternoon, so after I had finished watching Geraint Thomas finish second and retain the Yellow Jersey in todays stage of the Criterium du Dauphine cycle race on TV I went for walk.  I was going to go for a long walk along by the river,  and then around Emberton Park.  However I was about half way along the river section when I realised my camera battery was low and I hadn’t had the foresight to check before I left home or bring a spare.  Therefore it was just a river walk.

I headed across the playing fields past a game of cricket that was in progress.


I walked around the boundary and to the river side and then by the river, passing over a footbridge on my way.



I passed Mr and Mrs Mallard busy with what looks the start of a nest.  If it is it seems a bit late but maybe they are preparing for a second brood?


One more footbridge then more river views.  I didn’t cross the bridge you see in the picture as that goes over the river and the footpath to the village of Clifton Reynes, which has a very nice village pub but I resisted temptation.




Then I cut across the meadow towards the church.



Past an overflow stream that seemed to attract the cows and as far as the old water mill which is now a posh house..



Then I bore right and on to the church. I had to use this angle for the shot as there was some unsightly builders perimeter fencing in the way that I didn’t want a picture of.


Then it was on to the allotments and some attractive sheds..



I then wended my way back across the top of the playing fields and home to watch the second half of the South Africa v England rugby match that England lost 42-39..  That made it a three sport afternoon.

Its a tough life…

New Look…


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I have made a few changes here overnight and this morning.  A new theme and new menu’s.  Actually not such a new theme as after much searching I used the same one as I use for my cycling blog, ‘Expound’.  I did try to find a different one but I do like this one so I went for it..  It was a little taxing my memory and my brain, knowing what I wanted to do but not quite sure I remembered how achieve it but it all came back to me slowly. I’m quite happy with how things are for now and I hope you my readers will approve.  I will be back here in a few days as I have quite an active week to ten days ahead with plenty to write about hopefully.

See you soon.