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Another Step On Another Ladder..

This morning I took the second step on the ladder of my latest attempt, the fourth of the year, at getting fit again.  I rode a circuit of just over 50km into Northamptonshire and it seemed to go pretty well.  Todays ride was longer, hillier and windier than the previous one but the average speed was faster so thats encouraging.  You could say that a strong headwind cancels itself out but its not necessarily so.  But if you ride a circuit and you have a headwind along the long flat open bits and the tailwind occurs either up hill, or even down hill it doesn’t help that much, so it doesn’t balance itself out.  You could have a headwind for all of  the outward loop and all the hills could come at the end.

My shoulder felt OK again today, both during and after the ride so I think I am pretty much there.  I will just increase the distances by about 10km again for each of the next couple rides and I think I can say thats it.

By coincidence there was an article in this months CTC publication ‘Cycle’ in the Q&A section about exactly the same problem that I had.  Its exactly what the hospital consultant diagnosed for me.  I scanned it and I think its just about readable plus you get the bonus of a nice illustration thrown in.

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Back On The Road…

I ventured out for a bike ride again today after a break of ten days.. My shoulder seemed OK after this ride, unlike the last one when there was no pain before or during the ride but painful for a while afterwards.  There was no pain before, during or after todays exertions  though.

I pottered around my Ouse Valley Ride..

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I chose the shortened version today, which is a ride of 35km against the 50km of the longer one.  You can see from the map why I call it my Ouse Valley ride as the River Great Ouse is clearly seen.  Its hardly a ‘great river’ at this stage but I guess it helps to distinguish it from the other Ouse rivers in the country.  This one is fairly great by the time it gets to the sea at Kings Lynn though where it pours into the The Wash.

I even stopped to take a photo of the Felt bike, its first outing since the 30th May according to my Strava records.  I seem to have been favouring the Colnago most of the summer.  Its always a tough choice to make but the Colnago was always nearer the door and the Felt was hanging up and locked up.  So today I released it and now it will be the one nearest the door.


This picture was taken at the bridge at Felmersham.  I seldom stop on my bike rides, especially ones this short so you are especially privileged to see this photo.

I think the Felt was pleased to see the sunshine but just after I took this photo it got a bit of a soaking as I came to a stretch of road that was flooded from various streams of water, well probably torrents would be a better description, pouring down from the ridge on my left, and there were various other outpourings for about a mile.  I thought at first it was rain water from the recent rains draining down, but there seemed too much. I later decided there was probably a very big burst water main somewhere because a little further up the road I came across an Anglia Water van parked up in the middle of nowhere.  Nobody was to be seen so I am guessing the driver was wandering the fields somewhere.


Spain 2015, You Wait Hours..

.. for a bus and then three come at once… so says the old saying..

Working on this principle my first proper post here is rapidly followed by another.  I am doing a bit of catching up with pictures I should have posted earlier in the year but didn’t because of confusion about where to put them.

Its no problem now.  These are some of the better pictures I took and some were from my iPhone, it really does have a very good camera.

Good To Go…

After a very late night/early morning session I think I am just about all set up here now.  I kept doing one more last adjustment here and there and the time just slipped by.

The next move is to place posts on my previous blogs to make readers aware they need to follow me on here to keep up to date..  Then I will make my first proper blog post here..