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(Delayed as no free internet on this site so will wait a couple of days and send a batch)

From ‘Le Grand Tortue’, Cande Sur Beuvron to ‘Les Moulin de Roch’, Roch, Sarlat (La Caneda)

Another four and half hour drive but well worth it it seems a lovely site here and to a good standard. Sparsely Populated at this time of year but we don’t mind that.. 🙂

The journey was not without its notable events. ‘Sally Sat Nav’ let us down badly a couple of times tried to take us down a street that had been closed off to be precinct and they hadn’t told her. We ended up having to wing it with her giving instructions all the time and us ignoring them. We found ourselves driving down a one way street through chicanes created by planters either side of the road and we were heading for the exit ahead. However a group of senior citizens chatting on the corner looked up in alarm to see us approaching and I could tell by their expression we weren’t doing the right thing !!! One gentleman walked across nodding and smiling and muttering something about ‘gauche’ which I knew was left and worked out we needed to have gone down the narrow little road we had just passed. Hmmm.. well I backed up as far as I could but I knew the angle and width of road would not allow a proper turn but made it in the end and we eventually weaved our way down the narrow little hill and out onto the proper road again.

Next time Sally let us down we went where she said and also found ourself heading to a market square we couldn’t get through so a quick left turn and downhill between 2 lines of parked cars and we just had to wait for a lady in an electric wheelchair who was parked and waiting to get out onto the road. She was going left and I was going right but didn’t want to cramp her style so just waited.

We eventually found our way to the motorway almost uneventfully except a few miles before the motorway we found ourselves on a couple of stretches of road just about the same width as us for about a mile at a time. We sprinted through the first one OK but on the next we met a learner driver and also a 4×4 coming the other way so a bit of a squeeze and use of the grass verge and we got through OK. It was quite a relief when we finally made it to the A20 motorway to see we had 128 miles of uneventful driving to relax.

When we left the motorway finally to head across to here we had about 40 miles of cross country stuff very bendy roads and up and down but the views were improving by now and we found the site very easily. Phew what a relief…

Le Moulin du Roch (3)

The reception was a busy place but very friendly, I think they had been having a tea break and we broke it up. The ‘head receptionist. Was sitting in a wheel chair and I thought she was disabled but it seems only temporarily and she had a bad skiing accident and broke her leg badly. I suppose no leg break is good though??? we were put in the hands of two students/trainees to show us around the site and choose our pitch. They were very nice and spoke good English fortunately.

After a ‘cuppa’ we head into Sarlat to the Champion Supermarche for supplies of food and wine. Then back to the caravan and put up the awning while Jan prepared dinner.

Altogether a much nicer feel to where we are now I might even pour myself a whisky in a while.