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After a late breakfast we first went into Sarlat to the supermarket as they are only open from 9:00 until 12:30 on a Sunday.. as are any shops apart from eateries in France. Another good thing is that Trucks arent allowed on the road after 11pm Saturday night until after Midnight on Sunday, what a good idea that is.. the roads are quiet at the best of times here but today was even more so.

We set off to drive to Souillac via the north bank of the Dordogne River. We first went to look at a riverside campsite we might have gone to in preference to the one we chose because the route was a little complicated and I wasnt doing ‘complicated’ by that time of our drive on Friday. I think we made the right choice though anyway. The site was OK but not so good I think although it was on the banks of the river.

We set off along the riverside road and reached a little village called Montfort with a beautiful Chateau atop the hill. We had a coffee and a wander round then carried on our way until we found a viewpoint back toward the Chateau, so another photo opportunity. We saw an English photographic tour party there who we also saw at Beynac yesterday. Wonder where they will go tomorrow?

When we reached Souillac it was like a ghost town, no shops open, no traffic not a very attractive place either, more of a ‘functional’ town.

Our return journey was via the south bank and we found a picnic spot by the river at St Julien de Lampon. It was a beautiful spot and they would probably have charged a fiver to park there in the UK. We continued our drive back ‘home’ in the sunshine.

When we got back it was time for a beverage and a bit of a relax and as it was a bit cloudy I decided to wash some of the travel dirt off the car and caravan. Just as I was finishing it started to rain a bit so went indoors and edited some of the photos and writing this ready for the blog later. By the time the rain finished and the car dried out it looked quite ‘smudgy’, probably worse than before I started. I should have bought a chamois leather with me.

After dinner it was time to relax with another ‘beverage’ (or two!!) and listened to the complete Michael Parkinson double CD on I-Tunes on the laptop, via the speaker system in the caravan. We are managing very well without TV, and radio just peaceful evenings with music, birdsong and books..oh yes and a drop of alcohol always helps 🙂

Good night…