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Another sunny day and first of all we walked up to the town as it is market day. A nice little market bought some fruit, olives and veg. After that we headed for Draguinan and Frejus. Draguinan is nothing special just part of our circular tour for today. Frejus was very large and busy. Had a look in a couple of large sports superstores but nothing very exciting or cheap, very expensive in fact. We headed next for a beach at St Aygulf but the car parks along the beach were packed so we drove through to the residential part after the beach and decided to park and wander down a road in a ‘beach direction’ only to find a lovely little beach with about half a dozen people on it. We picnicked there and dabbled our feet in the Mediterranean, quite warm actually but no swimming was involved just another picnic.

Headed back a different way, the way we would have come on Thursday if we hadn’t over ruled the Sat Nav. Just as well we did as it turns out. It was a beautiful drive but involved a few hairpin bends in tiny villages with stone walls either side.

We climbed up and up one mountain to about 1000 metres and there was a spectacular view back towards the coast. Really stunning scenery here, as I may have mentioned before.

By the time we got back to the caravan the temperature was 31C. The A/C in the car was hardly coping with it. When we got back we relaxed with some cold beers and later when I checked the temperature was 36C.

After a while wandered down to river and dipped my toes in and it was absolutely freezing. Saw a guy fishing with a spinning rod and came back via the fishing pond on the site. Sat a while and spotted a few very large carp and heard what at first sounded like a strange kind of duck. It turned out to be a large frog when we explored the other side of the lake, which was full of tadpoles.

Had a late dinner outside and whilst waiting for it our English ‘friend’ told us its the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday so that’s altered our schedule for Monday as I expect Monaco will be ‘closed’ for road re-instatements so we may just go to Grasse.

Tomorrow will be the Gorge Du Verdon hopefully.