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Today is the day for hopefully a spectacular trip around the Gorges Du Verdon.

Started the day quite early but didn’t get away from the site until around 9pm. Another sunny day and already there seems less people about. The traffic at the start of our trip around the gorge was quite light. It really is a spectacular place. One you should see if you get the chance. Words dont really describe it. The heights, the turquoise and white of the river rushing below, in some places very far below, the hairpin bends and sheer ingenuity of the road builders. I’ll have to put some pictures here for you to see for yourself. The road just sort of hangs on the edge of the cliff in places. After about 3 hours we reached the far end of the gorge, about 50km from where we started, probably less than half that as the crow flies. We were greeted with the spectacular sight of Lac de St Croix. A brilliant turquoise again, as the river.

Gorge du Verdon (21) Gorge du Verdon (28)

Gorge du Verdon (30)Gorge du Verdon (35)

Lac de St Croix (6)

Timefor a picnic and inflate the canoe that’s been in the car for 2 weeks now awaiting this opportunity. I paddled from the lake and into the gorge a little way but not too far because my arms were aching. Some kids were jumping maybe about 15metres from an adjacent rock into the water. There were loads of people on the water in hired canoes and pedaloes. It was Sunday and the French were still relaxing. But we had been able to park right by water side, and under some shade and for free again. Probably would have been ripped off by someone for parking charges if it was in the UK.

The journey back as just as spectacular along the ‘Rive Gauche’ having travelled down the other side, the ‘Route Sub.ime’ to get there. We didn’t do any photo stops on the way back and it wasn’t quite such a hairy drive apart from a couple of tunnels, one of which we had to reverse just as we were entering as someone was just coming out and it was a sharp bend at the start, just saw their headlights emerging in time. It still took over an hour and a half to get back. Got back around 3pm. Found some shade and had a ‘cuppa’ quickly followed by a beer. Just a relaxing evening after that I had a half hour fishing with a spinning rod in the River Verdon at the site just before dinner but more in hope than expectation. I could feel the cool air coming off the rushing, foaming water as it rushed by. I bet it didn’t take as long as I did to reach the lake at the end.