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Today started sunny again and we managed to book a trip on a ‘Gabare’, a traditional River Dordogne barge from a place called La Roque Gageac. Its only a 25 minute drive from here on a cross country route again.

La Roque Gageac

We arrived in plenty of time and had time to wander around taking some photos and window shopping. Another very old riverside village. The cliffs above the village were at one time inhabited by ‘troglodytes’ (Cave dwellers) and there when the Romans arrived. There is still evidence to be seen, both here and at Lez Eyzies where there is a museum devoted to prehistoric matters. We went there later but more of that is to follow.

We had our trip on a Gabare called ‘Norbet De Sarlat’ with a commentary via headphones in English. There were some great photo opportunities and some intersting facts. The trip took about an hour and we more or less drifted down stream but it was much harder work coming back against the current. Apparently the river is still in flood because of the snow melt in the mountains.

Gabare Norbet de Sarlat

After our ‘cruise’ we drove to Les Eyzies, looking for a picnic spot along the way but we reached Les Eyzies, about 8 miles, before we found one. We found a car park just on the edge of town and a picnic bench by the river. We were visited by a single duck. (must have escaped the pate makers) I gave him some bits of our baguette but he struggled with hard crust, but succesfully (suck- cessfully?? ). We had a wander up the main street but not a lot of interst there. There was the museum that was attracting a few people but not us.

Drove back via Sarlat to call at the supermarket for milk and diesel (which is cheaper than petrol here and about 0.96 euro’s a litre which is probably under 90p in ‘our money’)

Filled up with fuel because we are moving on tomorrow in a south easterly direction towards the Med. We will probably have an overnight stop somewhere or else it will be 8 or 9 hours driving as we are limited in speed with the caravan to 60 mph. Which suits us really as it is an economical speed. Also as we can only go that speed its not worth using the toll roads as we cant take advantage of the speed available there. The satnav can be set to avoid toll roads which we do, so we do get to go on the free sections that we come across en-route.

OK time to close now I have a drink and some chocolate to consume.