We had a quiet, short (3 hours) and uneventful trip to Gap today. Travelled up the Route de Napoleon all the way. Lots of scenery and not a lot of traffic. Its a nice site here and we found it very easily although we dont think there will be much to do here except visit the town which is quite large with lots of shops!!! We are to far out of town to wander in on foot.

It did rain today on the journey as we got nearer to here and it was actually raining as we arrived but it’s our first rain for 2 weeks so mustn’t grumble.

We have in mind to leave here in a couple of days and fit in another stop in the mountains were there will be more to do, we will see how things shape up here.

The blessing is that at last there is a WiFi connection, and a free one at that, available in the bar area so will probably be spending tonight and some of tomorrow updating the blog and catching up with e-mails and bank accounts!!! I have already done some posts but I ran out of battery so will go back to the bar area later (nudge nudge, wink wink). I I will probably add some pictures later today or tomorrow when I have edited then down to size. I have been able to find some web links to most of the places we have been to of interest for you to ‘click’ on for now.

As I type this I can hear a b****y peacock calling away somewhere here, lets hope its not an early riser in the morning or it could be no more, a deceased peacock maybe?