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Lac de Serre PonsonLac de Serre Ponson (2)Lac de Serre Ponson (3)
Lac de Serre Ponson (4)Lac de Serre Ponson (5)

 Well we have no reason to dash off at all now thanks to Ronald McDonald. It seems we have everything. Beautiful site, beautiful location, beautiful weather, The Super U supermarket is something else. Its a brand new one and it is so smart and efficient, even the loo’s are out of this world so I hear. I thought Sally Sat Nav had go it wrong but she was wanting to take us to the old one, obviously not up to date. Fortunately we saw the new one on the way. They probably moved it while she was on holiday with us.

We think we will stay at our present site here a week.   Still things to do.   Want to take a look around Embrun, my ‘pilgirmage’ to Alpe D’Huez and any other Tour de France mountains I can fit in. Then we will just go straight to Annecy for a few days and then a couple of days to get back to Caen and home. Its good we can alter our plans at will, being like snails and dragging our home around with us.

After we returned from the shopping expedition we had a coffee and in about another hour it was time for lunch. Some Kronenberg beers, French baguette and a selection of cheeses we bought this morning, Brie, Roquefort, Camembert and St Agur. Then it was time to relax for the afternoon until dinner time, it had been a hard day. I did find time to wash the dirt and sticky sap and leaves off the car from our rainy trip to Gap and overnight stay there under some trees in a storm.

I have included some photos of our pitch here and a link to the local village Savines de Lac.   The pool is not open at the moment as they are doing some work on it but its a cracking location and its due to open June 1st so we may get a swim in it before we leave.. Not much else to report for now and I expect the next few days will be the same but you never know.. !!!