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Embrun (4)

 Not a very successful internet connection today,maybe because we were in the car park next to McDonald’s and perhaps a weaker signal. It was taking so long to put pics in the blog and the web pages forWordpress were slow loading each time. Perhaps everyone was writing their blogs as it was a Saturday? Anyway, will revert to McDonald’s next time.

We drove to the centre of Embrun after that and had a look around there. It is a very old town with streets that are now ‘pedestrianised’. A very French looking town. But then I suppose it would be, given its location. There was a small market in one of the town squares and some street entertainers in another. We managed not to buy anything there except some postage stamps. After that we headed for ‘Super U’. We did manage to buy something here but no wine or beer this time, just some of the other essentials and a Paris published edition of the Daily Telegraph. With all its supplements it will keep us going the rest of the week I think. Having said that, the weather is not so good today. The wind has dropped from being very gusty overnight to just being cloudy now with the occasional very brief shower. We had lunch ‘indoors’, no picnic today 😦 What was left of the afternoon was spent reading and now writing this. Just a quiet weekend Saturday really. I guess the cup final is almost over by now, (4:30pm UK time) I hope the blues won…

Not sure what we will do tomorrow. All the shops are shut on a Sunday here and people still seem to survive without shopping for one day, amazing.. I expect we will go out in the car somewhere. There are a few places to see yet and we will probably leave here on Wednesday if plans don’t change in the meantime.

Toodlepip, tattybye, ttfn, see you later and bye for now..