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Circuit of Lac de Serre Poncon


It looked a promising start to the day, just a little cloud over the mountain top the other side of the lake. We decided to take a trip around the lake, starting from the side just over the bridge from us at Savines de Lac.


We drove there first and took a look around, more of a tourist/holiday village than a working town but very nice, had all the essentials. The drive was quite spectacular again all the mountain views and down and across the lake from all angles. It turned out to be much bigger than I expected.

This being another holiday weekend, for pentecost /whitsun tomorrow (Monday) there were quite a few people about by normal standards here. Probably less than a normal weekday out in the country back at home. More noticeable by the amount of motorbikes out again in groups and camper vans parked around the place.

Also saw a few cyclists around up and down and around the hairpins.

At the far end there is quite a spectacular dam owned or run by EDF. With a well positioned ‘belvedere’ or viewing point for ‘photo opportunities’. After that we came back over to our side of the lake for a picnic at a little bay, ‘St Michels Bay’ with plenty of free parking and open access to the ‘beach’ but nowhere near full or crowded. Its the same all over it seems, as I have said before, lots of places to park at public areas and no charging either and plenty of facilities and nicely maintained.


We made our way back ‘home after that, around mid-afternoon for a cuppa and some biscuits and a sit in the sun for a while but it started to cloud over and started to rain at around 5’ish.


We lost our ‘neighbours’ this evening. A Swiss couple in their late thirties early forties I would guess. We had nicknamed them ‘Hansel and Gretel’ they were very nice and sociable although not overly so. We didn’t even know their real names.


They had a large VW camper of the Van type rather than a big motor caravan. They had an enormous amount of equipment with them and it was amazing watching them put it all in the VW. They also had a full sized BMW motorbike, so we had assumed that one drove the VW with the equipment in and the other rode the BMW. However it all went in somehow including the motorbike, along with an inflatable sailing boat, a two seater fibreglass canoe on the roof, two bikes and a free standing awning that the van parked against at night for extra space. . The canoe went on the roof and cycles on a rack at the back. They were going back tomorrow but because of the weather decided to leave tonight. They have a 7 hour drive to the Wettingen area of Switzerland. They spoke plenty of languages as all Swiss do it seems with their different regions, French German and Italian languages and also English it seems.


Looks like a quiet night in tonight, the rain seems set for night now. A typical bank holiday weekend I suppose. Its bound to be good on Tuesday for going back to work, whatever that is ?