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When we woke this morning it was raining and we went to the shop to get some bread and shop keeper said it would rain for another 2 days or so.  Not wanting to be hanging around in the rain we decided we would go home.  No point in hanging around in the rain just waiting to come, and after being down south it was so cold.  I think in hindsight we decided to leave the sunshine too early and allowed too many stops on the way home.  We will do it differently next time.

Having decided what to do we contacted Brittany Ferries about changing our booking from thursday to today and that cost us a whopping £62, plus we couldnt have our reclining seats we had originally booked.  There will be correspondence between me and Brittany Ferries over the next few days.

From getting up around 8am we had breakfasted been to the shop and had contact with ‘BF’ and packed up and on the road by 11am.  It was just over a 4 hour drive and we arrived at Ouistreham (Caen) about 3:30 for the 5pm sailing.  The quayside was full of Normandy landing Veterans and their families and associated vehicles.  They had come over to celebrate the 65th anniversary.  There were lots of old army Jeeps and other war surplus military vehicles and men in the old army uniforms.  Also a load of ‘real’ paratroopers who had literally ‘dropped in’ for the celebration and were getting shipped back in more up to date transport.

By the time we got to the ferry it had stopped raining apart from the odd sprinkle now and then.  It was a very calm crossing and we found seats anyway, not of the reclining type.  We had a little ‘sport’ on the way as we were sat right near a sliding door runner in the floor that was slightly raised so were watching people stumbling on it as they came past.  Simple things fo simple minds huh?  take your pleasure where you can I say.. 🙂

We were quick soon off the boat when it docked at 10pm and we were on the road by 10:30.   We came up the A3, M25, M1 and it was only 2 hours, even with the caravan and endless amounts of roadworks in various places.  Up the A3 there were 2 lots, plus some grass verge cutting going on by floodlight!!.  the M25 had miles between junction 16 and 18 and there were some up the M1 as well.

We just parked the caravan and car and came indoors as we didnt want to be disturbing the neighbours in the wee small hours.  Just time for a cuppa and sit and relax for a few minutes.  It was nice to close my eyes for while.  I had been doing a lot of looking.. then bed and save the unpacking for tomorrow.

So thats pretty much the end of this saga I guess although i expect there will be a bit more to follow before this chapter closes.  However i expect life will bring up a few episodes that will be worthy of note here now I am in the habit..

Watch this space…