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Just back from a few days in Devon, very wet days as it transpired.   The first few days on a site on the River Exe at Bridgetown.

I managed to get one fishing expedition in, on the first evening and just for a couple of hours but at least I managed 2 wild brown trout, not as many as last year but they were bigger. Caught them on a size 16 Greenwell Spider which is exactly the same fly that worked last year.  Caught one fished sub surface and then the second one fished as a dry fly.

We then moved to Nearer ro Exeter to enable a family visit and still more rain so no fishing on any of the Crediton Fly Fishing Club waters.. I havent managed any fishing there yet only my river walk in April to see where all the waters were.  Oh well there is plenty of fishing season left so all is not lost.

I was able to to keep up with the Tour De France while I was away via my portable satellite system.. 😉 so that was a good way to pass a rainy afternoon.  Back home now for what promises to be an exciting climactic last week.  A week of mountains..