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Had to wait in today for arrival of the ‘Felt’ bike frame and a few other bits I need for build up of the bike.  Whilst waiting I busied myself with some garden work.  Well, some major alterations I suppose.  Removing a  big section of concrete path to extend flower beds on one side of the garden.  This entailed an early morning trip to Bedford to collect a concrete breaker before the school and work traffic built up.  Made it there and back home by 8am !!

Once I got the hang of the breaker it was easy enough.  Removed the concrete in manageable lumps to the back gate ready for dumping in a skip on Monday.

Worked through to lunch and during the ‘lunch break’ the frame and bits arrived so then i was anxious to get work finished in the garden and the breaker returned to Bedford to get on with building the bike.  All went well except that I need a clamp for the seat pin, the frame didnt come with one.. 😦

The frame is so light, I thought I had an empty box delivered, it was like there was nothing in it. Finished as far as I could go around dinner time, just a sit was getting dark.  The shopping list to make the job complete is the afore mentioned clamp, New handle bars 31.8mm centre section( I have the ones on there from the Specialized for now) so that I can use the Felt made handlebar stem,  A new set of gear and brake cables and outers, again I have ‘borrowed’ them from the other bike for now.  Hope to pick up the clamp tomorrow en-route to fishing trip and the bike up and running for the weekend which is nice.

Watch this space for a road test report..