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Its here, the eve of my first attempt at an Audax ride.  All is prepared so far as I can tell.. I think I have covered every option, time will tell I guess.

The bike is ready. I am just going to use a handlebar bag with a map and instruction viewing window on the top.  I have loaded it with all I should need in the way of food and spare drink.

Although it is only 100k ( just over 60 miles) it will be the longest ride I have done for quite a few years.  Actually probably around 40 years, wow thats frightening!!  Most of my rides since then have at most been 50 miles and more often in the 30’s and many many years with no riding at all.  It will be good to have a reason and purpose to ride though.  This was the whole idea of entering the event. Hopefully more to come.

I checked the weather for tomorrow in that area (Denham and the Chiltern Hills) and its supposed to be bright but a north east wind of around 20mph.  I went for a 15 mile jaunt today with the bike loaded as for tomorrow just to check things and the wind was the same today as is forecast for tomorrow.  Riding downhill into Olney was like riding up hill as the wind was so strong.  I anticipate a head wind on the route out and a more favourable wind on the return loop.  Thats the way it should be I guess.  Mostly on my rides around home I always seem to get it wrong and end up with a headwind on the way home after thinking I was really fit on the way out when it was really the tail wind.  Thus I am often tempted to go a bit further and realise my mistake once I turn for home.

I’m not really worried about the ride at all, despite the doubts of various family members, after all it is only 60 miles.  I am really looking forward to the experience and hoping I will enjoy it enough to do some more.   I’ll let you know about that after the event.  Watch this space.