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My cold seems to have subsided somewhat now.  I have been beating it into submission with a couple of bike rides including today when I took my car into Northampton for a service and then rode home the ‘long way’, 23 miles instead of the more direct 10 miles.  A big loop round Gt Houghton, Quinton, Salcey Forest, Hanslope, Haversham, Gayhurst, Filgrave and Olney.  I have actually done about 200 miles in the last week.  Not a great deal I know but its something to work from.

I have been re-arranging my other bikes with what parts I have.  I am equipping the Specialised into a winter/audax/ mucky weather bike by using up some redundant parts I was going to sell plus pinching some bits from the Claud Butler which in turn will get some other parts from my stock.  I need some mudguards for the specialised, will get some slim, plastic clip on racing ones and I have some caliper brakes on order that should have been here by now.  ‘Fast Parts For Bikes’ dont seem to be living up to their name, shan’t be using them again in a hurry ( no pun intended) !!  Just as well I hadnt actually got around to selling all of my bits I suppose.  I must have known something in my subconscious.

Going to be away in Devon for a few days next week so no more posts for a while.  I will be taking a bike to ride around on and I hope the weather is kind to us for a change., I need to keep on getting the miles in.   Not had much luck with the weather at all this year.  Every time we have been away so far we have come back early because of the weather