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Back from Devon now, our first trip away this year that we didnt have to come back early from because of the weather.  Totally dry all week.

First few days were spent around Exeter and visiting family.  I went for a bike ride with stepson David and another on my own in the week when we were staying at Torcross on Start Bay.

The ride with David was a toughie, being used to the flattish roads around here the hills, both their length and steepness came as a bit of a surprise.  Well not really a surprise I suppose I know well enough what Devon is like.  One of the hills was a ‘biggie’ that had been used in the Tour of Britain Cycle race a couple of weeks previously.  It just went on and on and gradually got steeper and steeper just as my legs were getting weaker and weaker.  We totalled about 36 miles at around 16mph, which is a little faster than I would normally average around here, especially given the terrain, but I did spend quite a bit of time close up on Davids back wheel sheltering from the wind.  There again, it has to be pointed out that I am nearly twice his age !!

The midweek ride was much shorter and I thought it was going to be easier but it didnt turn out that way.. I went down along the sea front at Torcross and then turned left up into Slapton and then took the Totnes road and it just went up and up in stages for about 5 miles.. interspersed with stops for map reading ( and breathing recovery), as they were very narrow lanes and not an over abundance of sign posts.  When i reached the road towards Kingsbridge I took it and then began a descent of about 5 miles.   Also with the afore-mentioned map reading stops.  Most of roads/lanes had grass and moss growing up the middle as they were only wide enough for one vehicle.  When I reached the main road I took that back towards the caravan site and  that was another 5 miles, but this time, just for variety, a mix of up and down.

I guess a holiday in Devon would be good opportunity for a get fit camp in another time.  Prerably when I wasnt still trying to shake off the after effects of my cough and cold.. or was it ‘man flu’ ?

Beesands (2)


Burgh Island (5)

Burgh Island towards Bigbury On Sea

Dartmouth (2)

Dartmouth (3)

Dartmouth from Kingswear

We had a few local walks while we were there and some trips out in the car, to Bigbury on Sea and to Dartmouth.

Back home now and it turns out my cycling buddie also has a cold so I wont feel the need or the pressure to have to go out on the bike tomorrow.  Its really rough outside now and the wind has been really strong all day, so tomorrow wasnt looking very good for biking anyway.