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Today is grandson Josephs 8th Birthday.. Happy Birthday Joseph.. 🙂

A good day for him, as well as being his birthday he and his team won a tag rugby tournament in Bedford.  Very proud.  Called in to see him for a  while this afternoon on his return, but he was going off down to the Football club to see some of his friends and watch the Liverpool v Chelsea football game at 4pm on the big screen down there.  He is currently a Liverpool supporter and had several bits of Liverpool regalia as presents.  The only cloud on his horizon today I think was the fact that Liverpool lost 2 – 0 to Chelsea ( the team he was supporting last year!!! )

I spent the morning preparing  my Specialized bike for winter use with some mudguards and some extra low gears..  It was my former ‘best’ bike and I replaced some of the better gear that went on to the new one when I got it with some ‘spare’ parts I had.  The new Felt bike wont be seeing too much more action this year I think once the weather turns cold and nasty and the roads are all wet.  Looks like the weather will be good tomorrow and maybe Thursday for some riding.  I just hope I can keep the mileage up once the weather isnt quite so inviting.  I did almost 400 miles in September and have done over 900 since the end of June and there were 2 or 3 blank weeks in there too.  The monthly mileage has been steadily increasing but if I can keep to around 400 miles per month that should keep me in pretty good shape.