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Well tonight I put the last coat of varnish on the floorboards (4th!!) so thats that done.  Just need to replace whatever furniture we decide is going to go in there.. thats the ‘Royal We’ I think.

I have managed quite a bit of biking in the intervals between working etc.  The months total is up 324 which means another 76 before Saturday night if I am to reach my self set target of 400.  I should exceed last months total of 344 even if I dont make the 400.  I will be going for a ride on Saturday with friends which will be around the mid 30’s and take me over the the 344 it just depends if I can find the time for another high 30’s ride twixt now and then.

I have been on quite a few rides in the last week or so the details of which I wont go into as they are mostly repeat routes in Bedfordshire and Northants.