Now the seasons have changed and it really feels like winter isnt so far away.  I have put the ‘best’ bike away now and I will be  riding my winter bike mostly, which a few months ago was my best bike.  It now has mudguards fitted and thats about all the difference is.   It is quite light and responsive with the bonus that the mudguards avoid a muddy wet stripe up my back.

Between the beginning of July and the end of October I rode 1200 miles at an average speed of 15.34 mph in 38 rides of varying lengths.  During this time I shed 10 lbs in weight and a few more £’s than that in bike parts!!.   I actually lost about one and a third times the weight of my bike !!

Now its November and I have started on my winter programme which will depend much more on weather and available daylight.  I am thinking I will probably manage one decent ride during the week and another at the weekend most weeks.

I went out for a ride this morning of 42  miles and it was really quite pleasant as the sun was shining at the start and until about half  way round.  However I made the mistake of finishing up with a headwind on the way home again.  I always seem to do that no matter what direction I go in.  Although today I am sure there was little or no wind when I set off but there sure was by the time I was heading home again.  Also by then the sun had gone in and it was cloudy so maybe it wasnt just my imagination about the conditions.