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Sunday was my friend Cyrils 65th party to celebrate his actual birth day was on Friday, the 13th!!!  It was not too much of a surprise for him by the time it came around though.  So much preparation going on there it would have been hard to keep it a secret anyway.  It was also good to see my old friends Allan and Sandra and Peter and Mary there.  Peter had printed some copies of some old photos taken in 1962 when we were all so much younger, and thinner.. wow how thin we were..  Much time was spent reminiscing I can tell you.

Monday we had a revisit from the plumber as the work he did last week to hopefully fix our heating problem obviously wasnt the solution.  We were hoping it was though as it would have been a quick and easy solution to swap the pressure limiting valve.  The diagnosis unfortunately was that we needed a new boiler but it seemed a reasonable price to me really.  Still not want you want to have to do right before Christmas though.

Tuesday wasnt a happy day except for me that is, because I got my new Blackberry Storm 2 phone.  So that kept me busy all day and into the evening trying to work my way around it.  I wasnt sure I had made the right choice at first but in hindsight, it was right.  It does so much and a lot was unfamiliar to me so it was a huge learning curve and the learning curve goes on still.  The thing is hardly ever out of my hands. 

Tuesday evening was fly tying club which was a ‘normal’ night just tying demonstrations from Bill and Mike.  Bill gave a DVD of some fly tying and also lent me another one.  I took a couple of copies of the magazine page that had my published letter in that Charles Jardine signed for me last week. One I gave to Roger for laminating and to go on the club noticeboard and one for Bill.

Wednesday was boiler fitting day.  Ian arrived at 8am as promised and work began.  Jan disappeared to Milton Keynes for some ‘light shopping’ and ‘retail therapy’.  I gave Ian a hand where I could and also was roped in to do the electrical wiring.. I still havent lost the touch.. 😉  The job was done by lunchtime and it seems a much better, more powerful boiler altogether, very pleased with it, despite the expense.   The downside is that as its smaller I have to make a new casing to cover the pipes and also repaint the unpainted parts of the walls.  The afternoon was spent doing more ‘blackberrying’.

No cycling this week and not for the last 10 days now.  Its going to be tough getting back into shape again. One soon loses fitness at this age.  The weather has been bad though, extremely strong winds and plenty of rain too.  Plus the fact that, as you can see, there has hardly been time.

More details of the rest of the week to follow.. looks to be quite an interesting one.