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Well I finally committed and booked the Eurotunnel tickets for the trip to Alpe d’Huez next year.

Cyril and I are planning to drive to the Alps for camping and cycling holiday in May 2010.  The idea was born on my French trip last year while driving up Alpe d’Huez when I recalled a trip Cyril and I made when we were still teenagers and single.  A two week car trip around England Wales camping and having all sorts of fun.  It occurred to me that it would be good to have a similar camping trip before we are too old and to combine it with a long-held ambition to cycle up some of the legendary Tour de France mountains.

It will be a seven-day trip with a very early start on Monday night/Tuesday morning, catching the tunnel train at 1:53 in the morning and then heading for the mountains and getting the northern France bit done before the rest of France wakes up.

The rest of the Itinerary will develop as we firm things up but we will be returning on the Tuesday one week later.  Hopefully having conquered Alpe d’Huez and a few other epic climbs in the meantime.

Here is a link to the record of a trip up Alpe d’Huez someone else did in 2001 which will give you far more information about the ride than I could convey here.

The next stage for us is to start getting some miles in, lots of them and later some climbs although nothing in the UK can compare.