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Well its a long overdue update time here.   Since Christmas it has been very wintery, the snow from just before Christmas took ages to go because it has been so cold with temperatures hardly above freezing and now, since yesterday, we are getting more snow. Right now its just after mid day and snowing quite heavily.

I have managed a couple of bike rides both in sub zero temperatures one on New Years Day and another, the same route the day after with friends.  Only about 25 miles each but I needed to get some miles in as it had been ages since I was last out.  I had set a schedule before the weather turned nasty of riding every Tuesday, Thursday and one day at the weekend at least but that soon all went wrong.   It was to be a gradual build up the May trip to the Alps.  I guess I will just have to compress it a bit.

I am hoping to get up to the Peak District to find some longer climbs, not necessarily steep although I am sure I can find those too.  There are steep hills to be found a bit closer to me in the Chilterns but probably not as long.  I am thinking of the Snake Pass for one but if anyone reads this and knows of any others I would appreciate any advice.

Well thats a bit of a catch up just to let you know I havent forgotten you, more Later.