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Hi, apologies again for absence, must do better.  The weather has been so bad and I havent been able to get out on the bike much until last weekend so I should have had plenty of time to write this.

Decided to do a ‘test ride’ last Saturday to see what kind of shape I was in before this weekends scheduled 70 mile Audax ride.   I rode the 25 miles to Grafham Water which was fine but the 25 miles back was a different story.  I was absolutely shattered by the time I got home.  I doubt I could have gone another mile, let alone another 20 !!  So I had no hesitation in getting an e-mail off to cancel my Audax ride.

Bike outside the cafe at Grafham Water

I have been out a couple of times since then, a 24 mile ride on Tuesday and 34 miles yesterday making a total for the week of over 100 miles.  I will be attempting the Grafham ride again tomorrow with better results I hope.  I just need to get the miles in my legs again.  At 66 you soon lose any fitness you had managed to achieve so it is crucial to keep the legs turning.  The 3 weeks or so lay off due to the weather was the culprit and I must just try and keep getting the miles in despite the weather.  At least it shouldnt be so bad as it was recently.