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Did the Grafham ride again last Saturday, a better result this time, felt much more comfortable and a higher average speed.  As I suspected, I think it was just lack of riding and mileage.

This morning I rode another 34 miles out into Northamptonshire.  I wasnt keen on going as it was so cold out there but I made the effort.   It was a new variation on one of the more basic routes, pushing further out to Brixworth and Stoke Bruerne.   It was so cold though.  The temperature was below freezing for the first 20 miles.  I don’t know much below as the computer didn’t go below freezing, it just shows and ‘L’.   After 20 miles it read zero degrees C and didn’t get any higher.  Stoke Bruerne was just after the 20 mile mark and I stopped there by the canal for some sustenance in the shape of a Mars bar.  Too cold to hang around too long though.  It got me home in good shape anyway.  The wind today was quite light but from the North East which would explain why it was so cold I guess.

I have another 2 rides this month, all being well that should take me well over my 350 mile target I had set for this month.  Next months target is 400 miles, which given that I should be able to get out more, shouldn’t be too much trouble.