Well I just about exceeded my cycling target of 350 miles for January by 6 miles.  It wasnt helped by the bad weather and enforced lay off.  Target for February is 400 miles allowing for more possible bad weather and it is a short month anyway.  Made a start today with 29 miles and exceeded an average speed of 15mph for the first time this year. 

I should have gone out yesterday but the weather wasnt good so I spent the time in the garage re-arranging wheels and gear changers to accomodate the new wheels I got for the Felt.  Everything moved down the line from Felt to Specialised and the Specialised wheels went on to the Claud Butler.  Also moved slimmer mudguards to Claud Butler but the guards I had for the Specialised did not fit so that is without, and will probably stay that way.  Looks much better that way anyway I think.

The upshot of missing the ride on Tuesday and going today is that I now have two rides in two days as tomorrow will be my regular Thursday ride with Cyril.  The weather forecast isnt too promising though.. mybe get a ride in before it rains though.