Been plagued by bad weather again, doesn’t look like I will reach my target for this month of 400 miles.  Missed so many days because of the weather.    Since my last post here I did 19 miles last Wednesday, 29 on Friday and 51 Today.  Still 136 miles short of my target of 400 miles this month.  With a bit of luck I could get in around another 100 miles if I get the chance.  It does seem that this cold spell is coming to an end at last and its warming up a little but that means rain I expect.  I don’t mind rain too much, at least its warmer and providing I keep warm its OK.

Todays ride wasnt too bad at all considering the distance of 51 miles in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.   I went out through Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire and to Kimbolton and skirted Grafham and back round in a loop via Riseley and Sharnbrook again.  Unusually I had a head wind on the way out and tail wind on the way home which is a much better arrangement.  Its usually the other way around and I get a rude awakening when I turn and head towards home.  I rode non-stop, too cold to hang around, and averaged 15.4 mph which for a 67 year old isnt too bad I think?