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Well its now March and with the new month came some decent weather.  I failed to meet my 400 mile target of February due mainly to bad weather and the inability to get out, also it was the shortest month of the year.  So the shortfall of just over 100 miles amounts to around 3 decent rides.

This months rides so far have been great.  Not only for the weather but also I am feeling fitter, due I suppose to be getting out as much as I could in February.  Planning a ride of around 50 miles tomorrow and that should take my months total so far to over 100 already.  The weather makes so much difference to outlook and feel.  I have one layer less clothes for a start so feeling a little more flexible, not so tightly bound so to speak.

Looking forward to getting the Felt bike out of winter storage.. I had decided on two factors had to be right before I did that.  I had to get under 12 stones and also would wait until the end of March.  I acheived the weight loss so now just have to wait for the month to end.. and we change the clocks on the last weekend in March so that will be it, Sunday 28th and out it comes.  I lost 10lbs in February which was pretty good I think.

Will soon be able to get in some fly fishing now too.  The season has just started but its still a bit cold yet for standing around waist deep in cold water..!!!  That will make some nice relaxing between cycling days.  Although there  are also jobs to be done here around the house too 😦