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The improvement in the weather has seen a marked improvement in the cycling miles too.  Getting out at least 3 times a week now and well on schedule to exceed my monthly goal.  Mind you I wrote that last month and then missed it because the weather turned nasty on me.

Its been good enough for riding the Felt bike a few times and that really feels good I must say.  Getting fitter all the time and feeling better every ride.  Able to push on up the hills a bit more now and not just sit there and struggle up them.  Looking to longer distances now as well, maybe?

Currently having to restrict rides too as the Paris-Nice and Tirreno- Adriatico cycle races are on Eurosport TV in the afternoons but they finish this weekend and there is nothing on this coming week I think, with the Milan-San Remo race on TV next Saturday.  Its coming to that time of year when there is plenty of cycle racing on TV and I have to keep an eye on schedules.  It might seem boring to those that are uninitiated into the technicalities, skills and sheer bloody effort of cycle racing.  Indeed I am sure plenty of people don’t even realise there are such things.  I can watch for hours and not get bored for one minute and even in the quiet moments there is usually some spectacular scenery to look at.  These guys are riding 4 to 6 hours pretty much every race and  day after day in the stage rages and for 3 weeks in the big tours of France, Spain and Italy.  Not for them the life of the poor footballer who is moaning about having to play maybe 2 games a week and only 90 minutes at that and then they are not involved for the whole game anyway.  The cyclists pedal every yard of every mile and usually between 150 and 200 miles per race or stage.  Most races average around 25mph (40kph) and that takes some doing too as it usually includes some long mountain climbs as well.  I think it must be one of the toughest sports around for sheer stamina and endurance.

Watching the racing puts things in perspective for me when I see how fast they go and recall how fast I used to go in my prime.  However, everything is relative and at 67 I still go as fast as I am able when I am out riding, even if it’s not as fast as them it feels good to me.  I strive to improve every ride just for personal satisfaction.  I keep an eye on the average speed and set myself targets as I go along.