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No bike ride since last Sunday. weather hasnt really been too good.  Today dawned to bright sunshine and clear sky but a strong cold wind.  Didnt go for a bike ride as I am hoping to go tomorrow with my mate.  The forecast for tomorrow isnt looking too good right now though.

Instead of cycling we took a walk through the town and to Emberton Park.  Not many people around  but i spotted some swallows flying around, the first I have seen this year and I am sure its a bit early for them.  Do they know something we dont?  Lets hope it will be a well deserved long hot Summer ?

Emberton Park

Walked back into Olney and the shops via the Market and a couple of photo opportunities.  The weather has deteriorated this afternoon as was also forecast.   But it was a nice Spring morning.

So theres some nice sunny pics to look at and think nice thoughts of whats to come hopefully !!