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Its been a while again, apologies for absence.  My Alpine trip is getting  very close now.  At least I have been able to get quite a few miles in my legs recently, albeit still in cold weather and not the heat and shorts wearing weather I was hoping for by now.

I exceeded my 450  mile target for March by over 100 miles which wiped out the February deficit.  Putting together some longer rides but mostly around the 50 mile mark and in the mornings only.  I should reach the overall target of 1700 miles before the day of departure.  I saw the sunshine and blue sky when I woke this morning and thought it looked like great day for a ride and planned a 70 miler but as soon as I stepped outside there was such a cold wind and I opted for 40 miles instead.  I want one of those calm windless warm days of summer and be able to stop for a bite to eat and  adrink without getting freezing cold.  Well actually I want more than one but…

Two weeks from today I should be in Annecy if all goes to plan.  Having driven from home, through the Channel Tunnel and a lot of France.  Planning to ride a lap of Lake Annecy in the afternoon/evening depending on when we get there and how tired we feel!   It was the time trial course on last years Tour de France, 40km of pretty flat riding except for a big bump up on the far side of the lake.  After that our plans are quite flexible for the rest of the week apart from the desire to at least attempt a ride up Alpe d’Huez.