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Had a great ride this morning, 3 hours around Bedfordshire in spring sunshine and just for a change, very little wind.  It was a pleasure to be out in it.  Thats how it should always be.. riding around the country roads, just hum of the bike tyres and the sound of birds, and heat of the sun on your back.

I am just 170 miles short of my 1700 mile target before departure day, set at the beginning of the year.  Should be able to hit that target quite easily by then, especially if this weather continues.

Started to assemble some of my camping and cooking gear for Alpine trip yesterday.  All together in a couple of boxes now and all ready to go in the car.   Found a good way to stow the bikes in the car, only need to remove the front wheels.  Much better to have them inside for such a long trip and not hung on the back of the car our in the elements.  Also more secure for overnight storage when camping.  I have a Ford C-Max so I can remove one of the rear seats and they fit in a treat.

looking forward to next ride now which will probably be Sunday, by which time the weather is supposed to be even better..