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Departure time for France and the Alps is little more than 48 hours away now.  I am very much looking forward to it but just a little apprehensive about the long drive and timings.  If all goes to plan then it should work a treat but there is always the old adage ” If something can go wrong, then it will go wrong”.   Already looking at the local weather forecasts for the area next week it’s not looking too bright, quite damp in fact.  However forecasts can be wrong and have been before so I am not too concerned about that.

I think I have pretty much thought of everything tp take.  Lists for this and lists for that which have been constantly added to.  Started packing in earnest today and working through said lists.  Only really the last minute stuff to go in now.  I am hoping to clean the car Monday morning, whatever the weather.  Speaking of which the weather has probably put a damper on tomorrows planned ride.  The last before we leave but we will reserve judgement until tomorrow morning and should be able to get a few miles in sometime tomorrow.

I already posted a report of Tuesdays ride and on Thursday 4 of us had a ride into Northamptonshire. Cyril, Ian, myself and Nigel who was navigator.  A pleasant ride in the rolling countryside of Northants around Naseby area again and into Leicestershire a bit.  It was 44 miles and pretty challenging.

I am just 28 miles off my 1700 mile target before departure day now.  I have now exceeded the 500 mile target for April.  The deficit occurred as a result of the bad weather around February time but have pretty much made up the losses.  I think I am as fit as I am going to now anyway but hopefully I will get some miles in before Monday night.  I would like to reach that target.