Left home around 10pm for the UK leg of the trip to The Channel Tunnel.  One advantage I found on the way down was that the Dartford Bridge/Tunnel crossing is free from 10pm until 6am.  Will be even more valuable info for the caravan trip down there in June for the same crossing.

Arrived at the tunnel terminal and checked in via the automatic check in. Very easy to do and had half hour to spare before our departure was to be called so grabbed a cup of coffee and then we were off.  And before long we were off again, off the train, very quick and easy and we set off right away, driving straight out of the terminal and onto the Autoroute.  Couldn’t be simpler.

It was around 3am local time by the time we were on our way and still dark.  Kept driving until it was light and for an hour or so after, stopping for breakfast around 6am.  This was when we found our first mistake !!  We had omitted to load one of the boxes before we left, the one with the crockery, cutlery, kettle and my energy gels and drinks and my drink bottles for the bike!!  Therefore breakfast consisted of fruit cake and cookies and Red Bull and we pushed on undeterrred.

We arrived outside Annecy around midday and made a beeline to a supermarket for crockery and cutlery, even managed to buy a couple of drinks bottles for the bike .  We decided we could make do with one of the saucepans for a kettle.

After that we drove through Annecy to St Joriaz, a suburb to the the Le Solitaire du Lac campsite.  I knew it from our holiday trip last year.   A very pleasant site between the Lake and cycle way around that side of the lake.  We got organised and had a snack and then set off on a lap of the Lake.  The same 40km circuit that was used for the Tour de France time trial last year.  A nasty lump on the far side but apart from that flat and easy.

It was then time for dinner, which as I recall was pasta.  Not to difficult to remember really as pasta featured in our diet quite a lot over the week.  Sleeping was easy that night having missed a nights sleep.  Slept from around 9pm until almost 8am I think.