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Having finally got round to documenting my last trip to France we are about to set off again!  The ‘we’ this time being me and Jan and our little caravan ( Hmm that rhymes )  I will be taking a bike to get some miles in, actually,  its kilometers I suppose.

Off for 5 weeks this time and no real plans just moving on as and when we feel like it.  Probably heading down the west side and I am told we need to go to St Emilion near to Bordeaux, something to do with wine and very nice site we hear!  After that will be heading in an easterly direction via the Dordogne and Lot areas and hoping to take in a bike ride up the awesome Mont Ventoux. Then will be moving on up the eastern side and towards the end of our trip will try to coincide with a stage of the Tour de France.  We will be re-visiting some of our favourite sites from last year I think and hoping to find some new ones too.

Thats pretty much it in general terms.  Where we stay and how long we stay depends on where we find and how we feel about moving on.  We have the outward tunnel crossing booked and  the return crossing booked and that’s about all  that is certain so far.  Will be crossing in the middle of the night and then driving south and heading for either Angers or Poitiers for the first stop, depending on how we progress.

For anybody that’s interested I will be updating here whenever I can get a WiFi connection, preferably a free one and in between I will be logging progress, or lack of it on Twitter (http://twitter.com/briangoldsmith as I can do that on my BlackBerry via SMS.