Departure Day

Here at last, departure day.  The last few days have been occupied by getting ready slowly but steadily for today.   Had a very nice afternoon/evening at Kerry’s yesterday with Family and Friends celebrating Ruby’s 3rd birthday and Ben’s 40th for today.. Happy Birthday today Old Fellah!!

Forecast not good for today so was rushing around doing the last minute outside jobs before the rains came.  They still haven’t yet at 11:20am.  Cut the grass and the borders, washed the car, cleaned inside the car and car checks.  Pumped up the tyres a bit for towing.  later on I will be packing the car and then hitching up and off we go.

So far, late at night seems a good time to be leaving as all the jobs can be done at leisure, can have a meal and clear up before we leave.   Pretty much a normal day except instead of watching TV and going to bed I will be driving..  we will get a nap at breakfast time in France, which will be once its light and hopefully most of northern France will be behind us.

Next news flash will be via SMS message to Twitter at and a more comprehensive update here when time and internet connection allow.


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