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Friday 11 June St Emilion

St Emilion Square

Took a trip up the road into St Emilion itself this morning.  Lovely place, all cobbled streets and quaint little shops and every other one seemed to be a wine seller (Celler? J) surprise surprise given the local produce I suppose.  Was a beautiful sunny day and ideal just to wander and sit and drink a coffee in the main square watching the world go by.

Quite a few people around but not too many and most traffic is banned from the town centre.  The town dates back to the middle ages and much of the original architecture remains.  The narrow streets go and up and down with lots of photo opportunities and spectacular views over the vineyards, as far as the eye can see.

We will probably make another trip there on Sunday before leaving on Monday.  We were going to leave on Sunday but decided to stay on for an extra day.

St Emilion Square

St Emilion

Saturday 12th June Liborne Shopping

Been in to Liborne this morning in the hope of finding a free wifi connection at McDonalds but it wasn’t a strong enough signal in the car park so aborted that idea and decided to pay for an hour when we got back to caravan site.  If you are reading this on Saturday afternoon/evening, it worked OK.

Went into the neighbouring Hypermarket, E Leclerc, enormous place, too big and too much choice. But the prices were comparable to UK.  A fellow camper here said they thought the food was expensive year compared to UK.  Not so it seems?

Will be having some lunch soon and then pop down to send this and check e-mails  and all the other messaging services!! After that will be Cycling on TV while Jan absorbs as much sun as she can.  Might take another bike ride later, between then and the evening.