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Left St Emilion this morning having stopped a day longer than we originally intended but it was so nice there, worth another day and another look around.  Took a steady drive of about 2 hours along the Dordogne valley, starting off in the rain but nothing too much.  Found our way to Le Port de Limeuil camp site, a very nice site looking across the Dordogne to Limeuil village itself which eems to be a small village , very old looking and built up on a hill. We will explore more tomorrow along with some more of the area.  There is a market tomorrow morning at Bugue which we hope to take in on our route.

Limeuil across the Dordogne

The site is nicely laid out among trees and then an open area by the river.  We have an unobstructed view from the window, pretty much as you see here.  There should be a beach there also but the river is running so high that its invisible at the moment.  The rain has stopped and the sun is shining now, in the evening.