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I couldn’t find cycling on TV yesterday.  I was disappointed because I knew they were riding up Alpe d’Huez to finish the stage, scene of my recent triumph.  So I went for a bike ride myself.  I did more or less the opposite route to that of  Thursday, a little bit further but same ups and downs and it felt a bit easier today.  Note to self, must get out on bike often to keep in shape!

When I returned I was browsing the channels to find out what time the England game was on and found the cycling, on a different channel, they were just in the final mile of the climb so I was disappointed not to have found it earlier.  And similarly I was disappointed when I watched the England game later, no more to ve said about that !!

Took another trip into St Emilion today, found some new parts to wander around almost aimlessly but enjoying the views.  Stopped for another coffee in the Square and did some people watching.  We bought some macaroons, a local delicacy and from a shop recommended to me by the lady on the site that guided me to to the WiFi room the other day.  Hope they are good.

After that drove a few km up the road for a fuel top–up before setting off on our travels again tomorrow.  Found some at €1.14 today, still a pretty good price.  We are heading off up the Dordogne tomorrow, a road following the river so hopefully it will be quite picturesque and a leisurely drive.

After refilling with fuel took a drive around my cycle route, it seemed a lot further than I thought, but still just as hilly.  Much easier in the car though!