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Easy start to the day and then a drive into La Bugue to visit the weekly market, very busy and traffic a nightmare, fortunately we parked on the side we arrived from.  Market was spread all over the streets in the centre of town in any available space, and very busy.

Red Indian (Native American?) at La Bugue Market

The high point for me was a ‘Red Indian’ or as we are supposed to say these days a ‘Native American’ but I prefer Red Indian, He was in full headdress and singing and playing some kind of flute into  microphone and massive amplifier. On leaving the market we were going to go through the town and on to St Cyprien but because of the traffic we retraced our steps and took another route.

St Cyprien was a quiet town, just a single high street.  We left there and headed for the outskirts to check out a campsite we had seen in one of the books.  It was OK but more expensive than the one we are at so not going to move.  After that it was the Carrefour supermarket to top up with ‘essentials’.

Came home a different way, had a coffee and some lunch and then walked over the two bridges at the junction of the Rivers Vizere and the Dordogne and into Limeuil, only a 10 minute walk.  Spent the afternoon wandering around the streets.  Saw glass blowing taking place at a craftsman’s shop.  It was interesting to see it done.  He was making a narrow necked vase only about six inches (150mm) high and chunky glass.  Saw some of a similar pattern on the shelves for €110 so we decided it was not for us.  Continued our stroll around the town among all the steep and narrow cobbled streets.




Vezere (Left) and Dordogne (Right) Bridges at Limeuil

Wandered back ‘home’ after that and a relaxing balance of the afternoon.  I was going to go for another bike ride but rain looked imminent so I tried casting a few flies into the edges of the Dordogne in case some fish were sheltering from the main flow of the flood waters but no luck.  I did see and hear an almighty splash out in the middle as some kind of big fish took a great leap.

Now relaxing before dinner, typing this for posting later whilst sipping wine and eating peanuts!