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St Geniez d'Olt, River Lot

St Geniez d'Olt looking back towards our site and path by the river

A nice start to the day, if a leisurely one. Wandered into the town this morning for a stroll around. Walked along by the Lot, strangely it didn’t appear to to be too high or coloured compared to other big rivers we have seen. It happened to be market day today so the place was busy. All kinds people wandering around or just standing around chatting or sitting outside cafés, very French, not surprising really I suppose!

I don’t think we have come across any other English people here yet. There are not many people on our site and what there are are mainly French, here for ‘ le weekend’ I guess, and a few Dutch people.

There is a big cycling event on in town tomorrow, a Randonnee, a sort of organised bike ride with options of distances 75k, 100k or 150k. Not a race, just havr to get around within a certain time limit. I did a similar thing in the UK last September avid reades might remember? If not you can check the archives if you like.

I was about to go out for a bike ride myself this afternoon but I was just getting ready and it started to rain so I got on with writing this instead.

We have trips planned for the next couple of days here as the forecast is good. One day to explore the Gorges du Tarn and the other to Roquefort cheese making caves and to see the Millau viaduct. We saw it en route last year but will take another look this year. It is a spectacular piece of bridge building carrying the A75 autoroute over the Tarn valley. Worth looking for on the internet if you are not familiar with it.

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