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Third long ride of the week today and the longest ride I have done in one go since returning to regular cycling.  66 mile return trip to Oundle today, nice day for it sunshine and dry and a head wind on the way out,  hence the return journey was quicker than the outward one despite the leg weariness creeping in.  Had a bit of a break in Oundle town centre and devoured an egg & cress sandwich and bottle od water from Tesco Express in the High Street.

View from my lunch seat in Oundle !

Details and map of the ride can be found here.

So this ride, Thursdays 54 miles Around Althorp and last Tuesdays 50 miles around Milton Keynes make a total of 170 miles for the week, hopefully getting enough stamina with the longer rides for next weekends Sportive ride around the Chiltern’s.  Another couple of decent rides in the week should do it.

There are details of Thursday ride to and around the perimeter of Althorp, Princess Diana’s birthplace here.  I was intrigued to notice that the map of the route resembled the shape of a fish on a line.  Which is another coincidence considering the route took me right past Pitsford Reservoir, one of my fishing haunts!

Had the garage roof replaced yesterday so tomorrow I will start the task of making some kind of order in the garage, having previously had to stack everything away from the leaky bits.  There will never be a chance of getting a car in there so I guess strictly speaking, its more of a warehouse/workshop than a garage