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Specialized Bike Ready for Winter

I ‘winterised’ my Specialized bike the other day, which consisted of just fitting some mudguards to it and thats about it.  I used the Crud Road Racer guards (see picture above).  I was a bit dubious about how stable and quiet they would be but I was pleasantly surprised.

Today was a good day for test ride so I went for a  21 mile ride on a loop via Felmersham in Bedfordshire this morning. The picture below is the turn-around point.  I go out via Harrold and Odell  Then I come over the bridge and disappear out of the left of the frame and back Via Carlton, Turvey, Newton Blossomville and Clifton Reynes. It was a pretty windy morning though, about 23 kph west wind but I had a tail wind on the way out and the return was more sheltered.

Felmersham Bridge 2.

Felmersham Bridge

So it seems I can safely put the beloved Felt F3 away soon and ride the winter through on the Specialized with dry legs and no muddy streak down my back.

I do have a Claud Butler touring type bike but after riding the other two bikes it seems so heavy.  It is equipped for touring though with very low gears, and a pannier rack so it can be loaded up with saddle bag and panniers and camping gear should needs be.  I am thinking that I probably might not need it now but I will wait and see.

I was thinking while I was out, about some longer rides through the winter and even possibly a shot at some multi-day rides.  I think I could manage them quite easily on the Specialized, it would make a good lightweight, fast touring machine.  I can fit an adapter under the saddle to attach the big Carradice saddle bag and that should do for me.  I am quite a light traveller and should I stay overnight anywhere I could always use Youth Hostels.  I will see how that works out, if it happens at all, before deciding what to do with Claud Butler.

Another project to think about through the winter.  It doesn’t seem too far away now, the kind of weather we are having lately but maybe we will have an ‘Indian Summer’ before winter sets in properly.