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Local Bedfordshire Sunday Ride ..... (Click on map for more details)

A sociable Sunday morning ride into Bedfordshire with my long time friend Cyril.

North Crawley. The centre of the village, with...

North Crawley Village

We rode out from Olney and on through North Crawley and Cranfield and then round to Wootton.  It was an undulating but very rural route on quiet country roads.  Then on and up to Stagsden and Stevington, getting a little bit more hilly now.  There is an old windmill at Stevington that is open to the public on certain days of the week.  I think you collect a key from somewhere and just let yourself in.  Thats the way it used to be anyway, maybe these days it has changed?

The restored windmill at Stevington, Bedfordshire

Restored windmill at Stevington

Stevington village centre.

Stevington Village

It was then an undulating road through to Pavenham for about 5 or 6 miles and then a sharp left on leaving the village and up the hill.  A nasty little hill that starts of gentle enough and gradually gets a steeper as it winds up to the top from where there is a lovely view over Felmersham and the Ouse Valley.

We then dropped down into Felmersham, turning left and along the Ouse Valley.  Following the River Ouse but not seeing a lot of it.   We rode through Chellington, Carlton, Turvey and still along valley via Newton Blossomville, Clifton Reynes and back into Olney.

Just a shade over 37 miles of pleasant riding on a nice sunny Sunday morning.  Not at all what was forecast for today but it wouldn’t be the first time the weather forecast was wrong !