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Went for a nice easy ride this morning on my ‘winter’ bike as my best bike is all clean and ready for tomorrow.  I went nearly twice as far as I had originally intended though.  It was such a nice morning, warm sunshine and hardly any clouds or wind.  I extended my loop from about a 30km one to almost 50km.  It was so nice just to pedal along at a steady rate.

Its started to cloud over now as the weather front moves in bringing the forecast heavy rain.  I just wish this weather could have held off and pushed back the deluge that is forecast for tomorrow for my 100km Phil Cooke Challenge Ride.  However, ‘What cant be cured, must be endured’ as I think someone once said.  Of course, Monday is forecast to be cloudless again.

I must stop going on about the weather.  All I can do is to get on with it, whatever the weather.  I dont really mind getting a soaking as long as I can keep warm but its just so much more pleasant on a day like today.

There is just next Sundays ride to complete and then I can switch to my winter schedule which is no schedule really.  A matter of just getting the distances in my legs and keeping in shape as and when I feel like it and weather is not too bad.

I have just joined the ‘League of Veteran Racing Cyclists’ (LVRC) with a view to doing some racing next year and so I need to keep a base level of fitness until I start proper training for the season.  It will be a bit of a challenge but also will be nice to be in competition with my peers and see what kind of shape I am in and what kind of shape I can get in.  I also joined a local cycle club, Team MK, with a view to taking part in some club rides, local time trials and circuit races and participating more generally in cycle club life.  It does get a bit boring riding around the same routes all the time.  I do find though my mind is working all the time I do a lot of my best thinking when I am cycling along on my own.