After cleaning my bike yesterday I was doing some checks and adjustments as a result of my gear failure on the first notable climb.  The front changer was noticeably stiff, and wouldnt adjust properly to clear the chainrings when on either extreme end of the rear cassette.  It is a Shimano Ultegra Sti/Brake lever type.  I think that on Sunday the chain probably jumped off the chain ring and caused the chain to ride over the big sprocket on the rear cassette and get wedged.

I tried all I knew to repair it, short of stripping the Sti mechanism down. the thought of which I didnt relish.  It definitely seemed that it was past its best.  As I have another ride next weekend in which I will definitely need a fully functioning set of gears I thought I should invest in a new pair of levers.  I checked out the availibility from my favourite online dealer and found they had the new Ultegra 6700 set which I duly ordered and knowing how good their delivery was I was pretty sure it would arrive today, despite only being sent yesterday.  Sure enough it arrived around mid-day.

I set about fitting it right away.  I had already removed the handlebar tape and the old levers and all the cabling in preparation.  Everything was set up and ready to go as soon asI had the new stuff in my hands.  These new model Ultegra levers dont have the brake cable coming out of the side of the levers but they are countained within the handlebar tape the same as the gear cable, a much neater job.  However it was quite a fiddly job to get the cables in as it was a new model to me.  Unlike the old ones which I could change quickly and easily now, having done it so many times.

Everything is now done, new levers and cables fitted, gears properly adjusted and new tape on the handlebars. It probably took me about 2 hours to do the job in total but I had to take a break of a couple of hours in the middle to take care of my grandaughter after school until my daughter got home.   Now I am anxious to get out and road test it before Sunday.  I cant do it tomorrow as I am on a family errand all day but I am hopeful of Thursday.  I just hope the weather is as good as the forecast says it will be.  I need to get out for a decent ride anyway before Sunday to keep my legs and lungs in shape.