An easy ride this morning with my long time friend and cycling buddy Cyril.  he doesn’t like to ride so far or as hard as I do so we generally have a quiet and what he refers to as a ‘sociable’ ride.  But maybe things will change a bit now as you will see when you read on!


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We rode just over 25 miles.  It wasnt sunny like yesterday but it was dry and not too cold.  Before we left we set Cyrils bike up on my turbo trainer and checked out his positioning as he has been complaining of a sore neck when riding and pins and needles in his hands which is usually a sign of bad positioning.  We found that his saddle was about an inch too high so we lowered it to point where, when the pedal was at the bottom of its stroke he could just reach it comfortably with his leg outstretched with the heel of his cycling shoes.  My theory being that if  he wasnt so high and his arms were not outstretched and reaching for the bars to support him then he would have a certain amount of flex to absorb the shocks that were jarring his neck.  Just a slight bend of the elbow is all that’s needed to make life much more comfortable.

During and after the ride I am happy to say that he was feeling much more comfortable so maybe he can ride a bit more freely now and a bit more often.