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After this weekends ride things will probably be quietening down a bit on the cycling blogging front over the winter.  I’ll have to find other stuff to write about.  Probably some fishing and fly tying again and more general stuff so look out for changes ahead.

I will still be riding but I doubt it will be very scenic or notable.  My Felt bike will be hung up in the garage for the duration and be checked and prepared for 2011.  I will keep a good level of fitness over the winter riding the Specialized bike and maybe a bit of off road work on the MTB?.  If the roads are bad then I will be on the turbo trainer and start a bit more serious riding again around February time I think.  I will still be aiming for 1000km a month target but they will be more leisurely and probably longer rides.

I have just got my racing licence from the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists and I intend to give road racing a go next year so that will be in my mind through winter as well.  I have also joined a local cycling club, Team MK and will hope to be joining them on some winter club runs on Saturdays.