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I spent the morning cleaning my bike from yesterday and replacing the ‘best’ tyres for the regular tyres.   I also thought the mountain bike could do with a bit of a spruce up so started by giving it a bit of a clean and ended up giving it a good clean up.  I even took the cassette from the back wheel and stripped that to pieces to get it all nice and clean and muck free.  I also gave the chain a good clean and re-lube.

I cleaned the rest of the bike too but the frame is showing the signs of having been raced and crashed a few times.  But only superficial, no physical damage, only scratches and chipped paint.  It’s an aluminium frame so that’s ok, no rust worries there.

It was a nice day today, sunshine and warm so this afternoon I decided to take the mountain bike  for a ride across country.   There is a good route I can take from my house of about 15 miles.  Across fields and bridle paths and tracks untouched by vehicle traffic, only used by walkers and horses.  It does involve about a half mile of road riding but only quiet back roads.  It was one of the circuits I used to use for training when I was racing.

I used to have two border collie dogs, they were brothers, Zak and Gyp and sometimes I would take them on that route and they loved it.  Me on my bike them running by my side off the leash.  They would just run and run, I don’t think they ever got tired.   They were still full of running even when we came back across the meadows at the end of the trip.  Being off-road I was able to leave them off the lead mostly but if there were horse riders around or livestock I would call them to heel and they would come back and just run along beside me.  They are no longer around but they lived to a good age.   One was fourteen and the other around fifteen, I think maybe the exercise helped them to keep fit, just as it does for me!